E added to the body of potassium), and everything is back to normal. At a given moment, it does not have to increase the supervision of a break. And the reason for the fungus was nail, the nail was removed and cured, so that the control breakthrough came uvelichivatsya.Nastoy drink such as tea cup 1 3 times per day. Medical applications Loch angustifolia grows in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus and the steppe and forest steppe zones of the European part of estrace cheapest Russia. It takes place in the sand and along the river, where it forms a dense zarosli.Nastoy cloudberry fruit is used to irrigate the inflammatory diseases of the mouth and throat, as well as water to enhance patients and refreshing sredstva.Yagody fever cherries\' appetite, a beneficial effect on intestinal function, promote digestion of fats, proteins, meat, dairy and fish products, staring deystvie.Klubnika failure · acute forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, acute pnevmoplevrite, exacerbation of chronic tuberculosis and intolerance peculiarity of the grapes; Preparations, Ingredients: nettle collected in May - 200 grams of vodka - berries fresh 0.5 LV food to fill consuming knyazheniki.2 purple grass spoon in 1 liter of cold water, bring to a boil to cook the heat for 20 minutes and filtered. Take 2 tablespoons 2 times a day for colds and flu. Berries because they contain a complex set of vitamins and minerals, it has a wide range of honey deystviya.Plody blossom days of fasting in the treatment of obesity used, and metabolic order celecoxib disorders, and obesity. In addition, the berries are managed diarrhea, liver disorders, vitamin deficiencies, especially scurvy, atherosclerosis, and inflammation of the stomach and duodenal ulcers. Preparation: finely ground pine cones and, in the three-liter containers to fill. Pour the same vodka and close open a bottle made of polyethylene cover. Put in a dark place for seven days. After this infusion time, but the cake does not strain quickly to get rid of it can be made up to you three times more vodka.

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